TV blamed for triple family murder

A 13-year-old boy (whose name is protected by law) was accused for the murder of his grandmother, aunt and younger cousin; apparently after being influenced by watching detective drama’s and gangster films, he also learned how to dispose of bodies by watching TV. After hearing his mother constantly criticize his aunt, the boy prepared a murder kit of gloves, ropes and other implements, then, while his aunt was working the fields, allegedly went to her house and strangled her daughter (his cousin). When his aunt returned, he covered her in a bed sheet and chopped her 17 times with a kitchen knife. The grandmother suffered a similar fate when she walked in on the act. In an attempt to cover his tracks, the boy crept out of his own house that night while his parents were sleeping and returned to the scene of the crime to set fire to the house. In an interview with the state-run Xinhua after his arrest, the boy reportedly confessed to the crime.

Personally I don’t believe the media can be blamed, his parents allowed him to watch these extremely violent shows, and without proper supervision got negative ideas and acted out when prompted with angry thoughts from his mother, at the same time the child probably had some sort of mental condition and violent media was definitely not impressionable at his age.


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